about me

I Help People Who has Lost in the Life Cycle

When you come to coaching or counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you. All the tools we will use, you will be able to apply later in life, without necessarily turning to the coach every time.

Tasheba's Resume


Tasheba Berry has experienced early education business and a decorated speaker, Tasheba’s speaking business can serve as an example, in many regards. As a speaker, coach, or publisher Tasheba is all about authenticity, as anyone who’s met her can attest. Whether you’ve seen her speak or talked with her at conference or event, a conservation with Tasheba is relaxed and candid. She is an avid chess player, who models her life and her businesses after the game of chess. It was her mission to instill the idea that there is always a “Next Level” that you can reach especially through reading. With this in mind, she created a non-profit organization, Space 2 Launch Book Club and Space 2 Launch Publishing. She has working with childcare centers and elementary schools with their students focusing on creative writing and exploring literacy. She has worked with parents on self-awareness, financial support, mental awareness, and support services. Tasheba has published multiple books through her company from children’s book and adult literature. Tasheba’s very passionate about advocating for high-quality services in the early learning environment. She has earned two Early Childhood Education and Business Management. As an advocate for our youth and educators, Tasheba has been traveling across the nation alongside powerful organizations advocating to make the world a better place through business development and education. Tasheba will continue to be a ‘Voice’ for Change!